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Robust Pipeline with Large Market Potential

From our more advanced clinical program in Dupuytren’s disease to several preclinical programs ranging from an α7nAChR therapeutic for smoking cessation-induced ulcerative colitis to treatment of pain and early arthritis with SCAs, and several fibrosis and anti-TNF indications, our 3 families of drug candidates continue to meet milestones and show promising results.

We recently announced exciting results from our most advanced program in Dupuytren’s Contracture. The Phase 2b clinical trial was completed in 2021 and the published findings in The Lancet Rheumatology is available here.

  • Both the primary and secondary clinical trial endpoints from the Phase 2b clinical trial for patients with early-stage Dupuytren’s were statistically significant. Patients enrolled in the clinical trial exhibited a high compliance rate; almost all of them returned for all injections, and experienced no related serious adverse events.

In addition, two additional Phase 2 trials are projected to start Q2 2022 and Q3/Q4 2022 in frozen shoulder and POCD, respectively.

Three families of novel drugs address significant market opportunities in inflammation, fibrosis and pain.

Anti-TNF (Clinical)

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Pursuing Conditional Marketing Authorization in UK

  • Statistical significance was achieved in both the primary and secondary clinical trial endpoints.

  • Patients enrolled in the clinical trial exhibited a high rate of compliance; almost all returned for all injections.

  • No related serious adverse events.

Frozen shoulder

Phase 2 Started Q3 2022

  • Phase 2 results expected Q1 2024.


Phase 2 Estimated start Q2/Q3 2023

  • Phase 2 results expected Q2 2025.

Preclinical Started 2020

Preclinical started 2022


Chronic Pain
Preclinical Ongoing; Phase 1 Estimated Start Q1 2023

Early Arthritis
Preclinical Ongoing; Phase 2 Will Begin Upon Successful Phase 1 in Chronic Pain

Anti-TNF (Preclinical)

Smoking Cessation Induced Ulcerative Colitis
Preclinical Ongoing